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February 20, 2011
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:bulletblue: Click anywhere to go on when you see the glowing arrow.
:bulletblue: Whenever you loses, you start right before you made the last choice. Call Kiro's Dad to check where you are if necessary.
:bulletblue: In case if you're stuck in the game, try calling Kiro's Dad and follow his advises. Sometimes you may require pure luck to clear the game after making some wrong decisions though... ;p (But I think trying to find out the different ways to lose would be quite interesting too... XD)
:bulletred:[NEW!](Walkthrough for judging process/for those who don't have the patient to play the game to see all endings XD)

This is for :iconheliosconference:'s Round 5: Random(?) 1 vs 1 battle!
Well, as the preview pic suggested, you play as Kiro(the pikachu kid there) and tell your shiny Pikachu(Soda) what to do to win the game. Be warned that Hale's Glameow's definitely way more powerful than Kiro's Poke though. ;)

If you think this is too boring, try the one I made for UBF instead. :XD:

Artist's comments:
- The layout is heavily based on Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. [link] I changed the shading style a bit to make it looks slightly more polished though.
- One of the main differences of Ghost Trickís style to Professor Laytonís style is that, only one character will appear in the front when someoneís speaking. ;)
- Kiro's using iPhone, and Konn's using a wireless headset.(covered by his hair). Cause I really want to have one of those... :p
- The programming process for this is a nightmare. I spent almost half of a day just for fixing the bugs! @_@ Am definitely not trying to do something like this anymore in the near future... ;_;

About battle tacts:[Spoilers included!]
=>Hale's side:
- Obviously Dee's Dig is capable to OHKO any Pikachu, given that Pikachus' defences are really pathetic... =_=
- The problem is that Dig won't work when the target is in underwater. At least I think the water pressure will be really troublesome...? (Not saying that Dee can't use Dig underwater, though. XD )
- While Pikachu take less damage from Thunder than from Dream Eater, Thunder is more often used because it is presumed to have 100% accuracy when the target is wet. (Thatís why they always hit when itís raining, right? OvO)
- And hypnosis has 60% of accuracy just like how it is in the game. That means you still have 40% chance to win if you didn't followed Konn's strategy!

=>Konn'sKiro's side:
- Since Pikachu's defences are way too weak, it is impossible for Soda to survive any attack from Dee without using Substitute. (And that's why the commonly used "Substitute+Focus Punch" strategy won't work here...^^;)
- Soda could't use Focus Punch because his arms are too short and weak for that. XD
- Soda's Focus Punch deals more damage than Thunderbolt because of: 1. Pikachus' base Attack stat(55) are slightly more than its Special Attack stat(50). 2. 150x2(from Dee's weakness)>95x1.5(from STAB)
- Yes, there are more way to lose(5) then to win(2) for Kiro's side... ^^;


BGM used : [link] [link] [link]

Loading bar from : [link]

Kiro: (HC042) with Soda the Pikachu
Hale: (HC092) with Dee the Glameow and Art the Gallade
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DemonLime Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  New member
I won :D
Eledora Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
Hehe thanks for playing >w<\ I'm always happy to see my old OCT Flash stuff still being checked on!
DemonLime Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  New member
No prob! :D
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pikandponylover Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
3 ways to lose (Kiro's side) 
Run thunderbolt
thunderbolt thunderbolt thunderbolt
sub sub sub sub thunderbolt
Eledora Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Huehue yeah there are plenty ways to make Kiro cry /;w;/
casualartist89 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Artist
pikachu is my favorite pokemon
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