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October 12, 2012
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:star:*Edited* 3rd outfit available by clicking on the lower right hand corner ;3c

:star: Click on the trainers/whole pic to go back and forth C;
All extra info goes to their ask Tumblr account: [link]

Mostly consists of pictures instead of text walls I promise! Come and join the RP party~

Probably still need to add more info, but this will do for now~
Ehh BFOI Y2 is about to start on 21 Oct, so better start doing your apps now if you wanna join Valkyrie Industries with me this year ouo/

Aww Y1 has been so long ago ;v; I miss those time when I was still a lazy student and can spend a whole day drawing a comic page only. This year I'm definitely lacking time for these because of work >v>;
But anyways, let's see how much I can manage this year~

Relationship between Konn and Mikan
- A ship that has sunk long ago, or has turned into a battleship over years of housework arguments. You'll probably see them doing OTP things only in crack drawings only which is completely OOC.
- Even when they don't love each other much anymore, divorce is no easy solution when there are too many things between marriage, including a kid and complicated family connections.
- Their son Kiro is currently in Hyperion Conference.

On speech habits
For references, please refer to the ask tumblr |3c But here's a quick note for it:
- Konn like using short forms and colloquial expressions, while Mikan avoids using apostrophe as much as possible. It kinda make her sounds a bit too rigid sometimes... Mikan never ever swears, but sometimes Konn may slip out a foul word or two if you somehow made him unleash his rage 8u
- Their mother tongue is actually Mandarin. (No, not Japanese 83c) But then since their Pokemon doesn't understand it, the couple tends to use English whenever possible.
- And since supposingly English isn't my their first language, so excuse me them for all the mistakes >v>;

- Please refer to related tumblr posts: [link] for Konn and [link] for Mikan.
- You can find more for Konn's past in the Y1 Round 8 and 9 entries too |3c The flashbacks are near the beginning~
- Ah and here's a post about their jobs when they're not on Ohana Island: [link]
-My current headcanon is that they still have to deal with work when they're back to the hotels/whatever after coming back from the rounds, so it's like a work holiday or something for them now... or maybe they are actually working for Valkyrie Industries? Need more info from the intro comics to decide on this part :u

On their motives to join the competitions this year
-See these two tumblr posts: [link] [link]
-Oh and they probably both agreed to come together this year to avoid doing housework :u

Extra info for the Pokemon team
Mikan's Pokemon:
Pai: Used to be Konn's guardian Pokemon, but is now under Mikan's possession as a marriage gift because he's *shiny!* Frowns all the time because the two doesn't get along.
Kyubey: Claims to be an alien who collects negative emotions for power sources. Also claims that she can turn people into magical...beings upon signing a contract. Maybe she actually can do that with all the psychic hypnosis power, but you just won't know.
Kagami: Well-trained and doesn't have to wait for orders before preforming reflective attacks. Very loud-mouthed and laughs a lot.

Konn's Pokemon:
Pascal: The purple orb on her tail is an Evolite, which boosts her defenses. Specifically breed from a line of top-class Dratinis. Tries to be an educated lady and disagrees with Konn's moral values sometimes. But of course Konn wants to train her into a sneaky robber...
Wardrobe: Offspring of Pulse and Kiro's Ditto. A tsundere who always claims that he isn't helping his trainer because of liking him. Konn sometimes jokingly refers Wardrobe as a "she" because of that.
Pulse: Likes to float around and observe than joining the scene. Prefers talking about the situation than to do something about it. So basically he's just your usual useless sidekick. Oh and he always keeps upbeat even in inappropriate situations such as people dying during natural disasters.

About Konn's Pokemon translator
Please refer to his Y1 app and this tumblr entry.
And yes it was the final product from his product development team in Sliph Co. ;D

Textures: [link], [link]
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RainbowSpring3 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
how can kiro come from these two? he's so innocent!
Eledora Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Hehe maybe Kiro got all the recessive gene from both two 83c
RainbowSpring3 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
MAPle-meg Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my-- I just realized that Kyubey  Reuniclus AND THAT MAGICAL GIRL OUTFIT TRANSFORMATION AHAHOHOHOH / I chokespit when I saw that _(8'D/__)_

I love how you make your flash so interactive, I still have a lot to learn about the program so I really do admire all the work you put into it and how smooth you make everything. Also really like each member of the pokemon teams, it serves to certainly add on to the characters. Especially since Konn finaly has his own dragonair ;; v ;;

Also makes me wonder what Konn thinks of Kyubey
Eledora Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Good to know that someone got the reference xDD

Thanks much for the comment! I've always like to try stuff around in Flash, it's good to see your drawings move around a bit with the magic of Flash *w*

And it always make me super happy when I know that there's someone outta there is interested in my chars >w</ Okay I'll definitely work on Kyubey more for the upcoming events in BFOI 83c
diskoshine Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student
* v* is there anyway i could use konn and mikan in r1 battle with percy?
Eledora Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Yay feel free to use! (*^▽^*)/
diskoshine Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student
ty! :3
nuvemallama Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kyubey... I see what you did there. :iconkyubeyplz:
Eledora Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Ehehe~ /owo\
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