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I really like peeking in OCT/RP groups to find new artists to watch /^u^/ Wish there are more active ones these days!


Currently following:

btw does anyone know where to find new Chinese sub/dub for Steven Universe >w>\

About username...

When I signed up on deviantart, I got my username from one of my few OCs..."Eledora" is actually a male cat-like robot sorcerer though.

His design is loosely base on Doraemon, one of my all-time favourite manga.


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is only good at cute stuff ;w;
Hong Kong
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My Super Secret Base on Alpha Sapphire /owo
Tumblr for gif versions of my Flash animation! ...Or ask blogs! And personal stuff for stalking more random info from artists 83c
LiveJournal for...finding Pokemon goods?
pixiv, poocg and plurk for bookmarking awesome fanarts by wonderful Asian artists *U* for Vocaloid song lists >u>
Instagram for (mostly) chip reviews :3'c

My reoccurring Pokemon OCs /w\

Inception: Konn by EledoraPaprika: Mikan by EledoraSpirited Away: Kiro by Eledora
Also have an art blog for them <33

Pokemon groups that I'm currently in
:iconauroris-oct: :iconpokemon-amie:
Pokemon groups that I wanna join in the future /;w;/

Pokemon groups that I joined/lurked in:
:iconpkmn-dreamlabs: :iconbattle-frontier: :iconend-run--pokemon-oct: :iconsixfold-league: :iconhyperionconference: :iconpmd-explorers: :iconheliosconference: :iconcrystalchampionships: :iconpokemon-ubf:

Pokemon groups that I peeked at:
:icondistortion-oct: :iconduality-oct:
Places that I no longer appear:
Side account for anime people (Death Note and Samurai 7): momota
mini Samurai 7 fansite

At what age did you find out the truth about Santa Claus?【・ヘ・?】 

28 deviants said Sometime after I've left kindergarten |´・ω・)ノ 6-9
23 deviants said Just before I've became a teenager (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ 10-12
13 deviants said W-what truth do you mean? No spoiler! (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)
10 deviants said I was a prodigy and discovered the truth at a very young age (*ノ・ω・) 0-4
8 deviants said No one cares about Santa in where I live anyways |( ̄3 ̄)|
7 deviants said My parents taught me about the truth-truth since I have my first memories |ω・)
6 deviants said Somewhere before entering highschool(ノ´д`)12-16?
5 deviants said Others ( ・_・?)ノ (Do comment!)
2 deviants said When I became the big brother/sister in kindergarten ヾ(-_- )ゞ 4-6

Life updates owo/

Mon May 12, 2014, 6:46 AM


First of all, my birthday is on tomorrow! φ(≧ω≦*)♪

Sadly we don't have such thing as birthday holidays though. No chance to take a leave for school works. I can even forsee tomorrow will be pretty busy as well (○´・д・)ノ Got lots of work in school and still have theology class at night. And I can't risk to sleep late anymore because I'm having a mild flu already /A\

On the happier side though, I totally splashed some money to buy myself some expensive ice creams to distract myself from all the delicious chips I've brought:

^what I can eat now /w\

^what I will eat soon enough \>A</


On the even happier side, I guess most of you would have known already if you didn't unwatch my art or something, but yeah...

I won the first place of PKMN-DreamLabs *´∀`)*´∀`)´∀`)*´∀`)*´∀`)

I've been to 10 different Pokemon OCTs already in this four years since UBF 2010, and yeah finally I got to win in the last one (*≧︶≦)

PDL Archive! by Eledora
^A list for my winning entries huehue >w<

Now I can use this pretty journal skin for a year thanks for the premium membership prize! Such generous staff <333 The tournament didn't even last one year! I will be forever thankful to them in this coming year :heart:

I've been in so many OCTs, and ahh PDL is definitely the one with most artists freedom and fun to do rounds! Also I gotta to know a lot of talented artists in it as well (not like I've befriended a lot of them, but at least I can stalk /w\) I guess BFOI Y1 was still the one I gotta befriend with most people (and actually being the one I won the most rounds- I totally got to Round 9 that time!), and now I have one more OCTs to miss /;w;/

I really enjoyed planning a connected (and mysterious!) story for this time! I have planned it since the beginning of Battle-Frontier Y2 actually, but I decided to move the story to PDL since BFOI Y2 seemed to be on the less serious side. So glad I made that decision ( ´∀`)

Now that PDL is over, I guess I could be more productive in making cute Pokemon stuff though ( つ•̀ω•́) But no worries, I would definitely still draw my beloved Konn and Mikan and other OCs! You can follow them and their Mii lifes in Tomodachi Life on my side blog on tumblr~


Last but definitely not least, of course I'm also happy for the Hoenn remake /owo/

Not only for the upcoming game, but also for all the people followed me after seeing my Mega (still gotta insist this >w</) Kyogre animation huehue /w\
Mega!Kyogre by Eledora
^This one! Woah I even got onto the Tumblr radar with this somehow, so surprised (●´▽`●)

I hope you all will enjoy looking at my art in the future! (●'◡'●)ノ

That's all for now! Thanks for reading my textwall if you've gotten this far hehe ^u^

  • Listening to: Niconico Vocaloid rankings
  • Reading: Finally not my script xD
  • Watching: Knights of Sidoria
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life (Japanese version)
  • Eating: Ice cream /w\


43 deviations
2014 art summary! by Eledora
2014 art summary!
Links to full drawings:

1:PDL R4: Illusions and misconceptions 
2-3:PDL R5: Cause and Effect - Part 1 
4:PDL R6: The Hidden Dragon - Part 1
6:Rotom rainbow!
7:Marshmallow squirrel
9:Umbrella Movement
10:Mega Hairstyle
11:Dream Oras
12:Mega Christmas Tree

Looking back throughout the year, it's getting more and more obvious that I totally slowed down in drawing after participating in PDL |´・ω・)ノ
While it's probably true that my more causal art done after that got more noticed (especially on Tumblr), maybe I really should start some project to motivate myself to draw more often indeed...
...especially when I totally only did one full pic in December and still haven't finished my Tumblr giveaway gifts ヽ( ̄д ̄; )ノ

Ahh also even though I never posted the Umbrella Movement one over here on dA, it's indeed quite a big impact on all of us Hongkongers' lives!
Kinda sad that it doesn't exactly have a good result though after so many months though (´・ω・`) (Also that pic somehow got featured on a internet news so I was pretty surprised (´∀`;∩) )

btw the last time I've done a summary was back in 2011 already! 
2011 summary by Eledora
Ahh I dunno whether to feel happy or not for still liking around half of my works there... and then I was way more hardworking back then when I was still in uni indeed (・_・ヾ
Mistletoe kiss by Eledora
Mistletoe kiss
(More like mistletoe bite :3c)

For the "Snow much for Winter" mini event on :iconpokemon-amie:!
Mali App by mynameisninjya~The most charming Furret ever~ by Eledora

Haha now to think of that, I have almost never drawn Swifty's pokehuman form /owo;
Republic City Secret Santa: Kadda by Eledora
Republic City Secret Santa: Kadda
:icontoresky:'s Kadda for :iconrepubliccity:'s Secret Santa!
Oh woah I got to draw for the founder of the group! I feel so honoured ヽ(´∀`)ノ

Also yee I tried to draw in a Nendoroid Style for this one! I've always been a fan of Nendoroids since years ago ehehe (´∀`∩) 

Konn welcomes your visit :D


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